Sustainable Fashion

An original fashion garment designed using the sustainable fashion precepts of recycle, upcycle, and the reuse of resources.

While your design process may begin with a repurposed pattern and pre-loved garment, the final garment is more than ‘just following a pattern’, is visibly changed from the original and clearly demonstrates your creative point of view as a designer.

The garment may be suitable for day or evening wear with the focus on sustainable use of resources.

The final look should be head-to-toe, so be sure to extend your creativity to include headwear, footwear and accessories.

Please bring a photo of the original garment and your concept drawings to pre-judging to show the judging team

This category is open to all ages.

Judging Criteria:

Cut and fit


Over-all finish of garment




Design Concept


Sustainability precepts followed


Stage presence


Participation within rehearsals



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